Practice Facilitation

A supportive service provided to health care professionals and organizations by knowledgeable and experienced QualiCare personnel, using a range of approaches designed to build relational capacity by centering employees at all levels in a grounding framework. The intent of QualiCare’s practice facilitation is to expedite caring relationships, enhance professional accountability, drive interprofessional collaboration, enable cultures of inquiry, and optimize clinical workflow in order to facilitate excellence in professional practice, ultimately improving patient outcomes.
Participants in QualiCare’s practice facilitation services acquire a deeper appreciation of the beliefs, knowledge, and skills required for professional practice excellence and often express increased meaning in their work.
Practice facilitation involves a wide range of activities, depending on the unique needs and goals of a health system. Some examples include:

• Assessment of current practice and feedback provided to drive actionable change
• Clarification of Shared Values
• Modifying work roles and aligning responsibilities
• Transformation/re-design of clinical workflow to support model of care
• Practice-based coaching
• Support and recognition of successes
• Ongoing feedback and reinforcement
• Optimizing IT to support model of care
• Strengthening the role of practice committees
• Professional Practice Model Integration