Talent Development

A developmental service provided to learning professionals at all organizational levels using a experiential approach that ties learning to the grounding clinical practice framework. The intent of QualiCare’s talent development services is to empower employees by providing tools, resources, and knowledge necessary to perform at the highest level. Talent development focuses on the entire employee life cycle, including onboarding, performance management, career management, succession planning, and coaching and mentoring in order to effectively support professional practice excellence.
Participants of QualiCare’s talent development services advance their understanding of how their work contributes to the unique organization, acquire problem-solving and collaborative skills, learn how to improve their performance, and develop a plan for career success in order to maximize excellence in professional practice.
Talent development services include:

• Onboarding
• Curriculum design
• Program Evaluation
• Workforce development
• Performance management
• Continuing development programs
• Career development
• Succession planning
• Coaching
• Mentoring